Present Global Trends in Banking

Customers are redefining the value proposition in every industry. Customers are no longer passive, they are more digital, seek seamless connectivity to access precise and accurate information. Active, informed customers are going to demand products and services through greater customization & personalization in the way products and services are delivered to them.

Globally, banking enterprises are facing tough challenges. In the current business landscape, such as TIGHTER REGULATIONS & COMPLIANCE, CUSTOMERS MIGRATORY BEHAVIOR TO BETTER SERVICES, CHANGING TECHNOLOGY TRENDS and most importantly CHANGING CUSTOMER NEEDS to access information in a flexible, efficient, faster and in a secure way.

This technology landscape however, is not so new in banking. Over the years, banks maintained legacy systems and applications, which are more costly to handle and with limited budgets they aren’t delivering the right service, better customer satisfaction and the quality service which they should.

Succeeding in such a challenging environment calls for Enterprise based solutions, to bring new line of thinking, combined with a innovative breed of INTERACTIVE INTELLIGENT technology platforms and integrating them into the existing banking landscape to prepare for the next generation to make banking more easier.

Challenges & Opportunities

Tighter Regulations & Compliance:

Globally, regulatory notes & mandates are propelling change in the way banks manage their risk, acquiring new customers, venture new markets and to deploy enough capital is throwing up challenges in their wake.

Customer’s Migratory Behavior to better services:

With banks competing fiercely in the landscape for their market share, customers are having a host of options to choose from. Customers will not think twice before discarding a banking relationship and enter into another that promises better informed services through its platform making it harder for banks to fight for retain and their customers’ loyalty.

Changing Technology Trends:

There will be several opportunities for first mover to extort market position by deploying new technologies promising benefits to its customers ahead of its rivals.

Changing Customer needs:

Customers are increasingly moving towards new breed technologies that support integration to existing electronic channels of delivery which offer lower in cost and provide greater convenience.

Customers are becoming more value conscious and are increasingly willing to adopt newer technologies.

Products & Services that offer increased convenience and with desired features such as the ability to smoothen cash flows in the entire transaction cycle, are increasingly sought by consumers.

Customers’ choice of banking needs is increasing and they select banks that are offering the best value and service.

How do we value add ?

We blend our industry expertise in consulting, latest technology and sourcing to enable the creation of the next generation banking platform with a measurable business value and solve business challenges in two ways:

1. Interactive Intelligent Technology platform which;

  • » Is agile
  • » Provides Integrated Channel Experience
  • » Provides Unified view of the data
  • » Is Customer Specific
  • » Enables Seamless connectivity, efficient, faster and provide a secure experience
  • » Accesses data from anywhere through our cloud integration services
  • » Is a technology that is able to offer customized Software & Mobile Apps that enables customers to look very specific information
  • » Provides analytical support for getting better insights on the data
  • » Is an integrated Platform that ensures tracking customer behavior through our customer feedback system and other services.

2. Measure the value at every stage to ensure efficient operations

Across various enterprise & payment solutions that we offer.

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