FinCONNECT in essence is a Financial Transaction Switch software solution for ATM machines. This is a solution that interfaces with Core Banking Systems and supports ATM transactions across diverse environments. The ATM interface handles all ATM related transactions, which could be Local, Issuer or Acquirer transactions. FinCONNECT supports various ATMs with Diebold and the NCR emulations (0912 and NDC+ respectively).

FinCONNECT gives an end to end solution by supporting all Local Transactions such as: Balance Enquiry, Cash Withdrawal, Pin Change, Fast Cash, Mini Statement, Funds Transfer (between accounts held by same customer), Cheque/Cash Deposit, Cheque Book request and Request for Statement.

  1. ATM Controller
  2. Inbuilt Pin Verification Module (SSM)
  3. External Pin Verification Module (Third Party, HSM)
  4. Card Management System
  5. Core Banking Interface
  6. Interchanges functional with NFS.

1. ATM Controller Features

  • D912 and NDC compliance
  • Fully compliant to D912/NDC standards
  • Supports all the ATMs that work on the D912 and the NDC emulation. o Supports Widely Used ATMs
    • WINCOR
    • NCR
  • Delivery Channels Support
    • Point of Sale (POS)
    • Mobile Banking
    • SMS Gateways
    • NFS IMPS (Mobile Payment System)
  • Supports different types of Communication Protocols (x.25, TCP/IP etc.) with different types of connections.
  • Handles any Message Level Interface. Supports all industry standard message formats like ISO 8583, XML etc.
  • Supports BIN based transaction routing.
  • Provides Stand-in Authorization based on Negative Files, Preset Limits.
  • Local Financial & Non-Financial Transactions:
    • Cash Withdrawal
    • Fast Cash
    • Fund Transfer
    • Cash / Cheque Deposit
    • Balance Enquiry
    • Pin Change
    • Request : Cheque Book, Stop Cheque etc.

2. Pin Verification Module:- In-Built Module

3. Software Security Module:- External Module:

4. Card Management System

It is a comprehensive Card Management Solution that manages the complete life cycle of card, from customer registration to PIN Mailer and Issuance as per ISO standards.

It is a complete system for capturing Customer information, maintaining account information, Issuing cards and providing customer service.

  • Customer Registration
  • Account Management
  • Card Issuance
  • Customer Letter Generation
  • Data for Card Embossing, Encoding & Personalization
  • PIN Generation & PIN Printing
  • Card Status Change
  • Card Reissue
  • Card Auto-renewal
  • Reporting
  • Maintains Account relationship for a customer.
  • Supports Full access to all accounts with a single card or Multiple Cards (e.g. Add on card holders) under the same account or a One-to-one relationship between account and cards.
    Supports Multiple Bank Hosts
  • Handles any Message Level Interface. Supports all industry standard message formats like ISO 8583, XML etc.
    Support to Banking Hosts using Open Technologies like XML Based Web Services.

5. Interchanges Support

  • Supports All Interchanges with Standard Interfaces based on ISO 8583 / XML.
  • Currently Interfaced with National Financial Switch (NFS) for Mahanagar Co-op Bank Ltd.

6. As an Acquirer and Issuer

  • Can also be interfaced with Other Interchanges like NPCI, BANCS, VISA .
  • Acquirer and Issuer Transactions Supported
    • Cash Withdrawal
    • Balance Enquiry
    • Fast Cash Withdrawal
    • Mini Statement
    • Pin Change

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