FinINET - Internet Banking Solution

FinINET Internet banking solution consists of two modules: a Client module that allows your customers complete control over their transactions and account information and an Administration module that provides your bank staff with flexible and powerful administration tool to oversee the smooth functioning of the system on a day-to-day basis.

Features of the System
  •Inbuilt security features given below ensure that only authorized users have access to their accounts.
  •Firewalls and Filtering routers.
  •Secured socket layer with 128 bit encryption to ensure completeprivacy of data.
  •Dual Level Authentication withseparate login and transactionpasswords .
  •Audit Trail.
  •The Bank can track all logins and transactions by date/user id to monitor any misuse of access.

Today in high pressure environment when people are hard pressed for time, FinINET helps the customer to gain freedom and with peace and confidence to choose the way he wishes to conduct his banking business at anytime convenient to him.

Finacus Solutions through FinINET provides a secured 24X7 banking service to both the account holder and the Bank. FinINET is an important asset that solves this need and is a comprehensive solution for banks that is fully flexible, utterly secure and completely reliable.

The one and only requirement for having an internet banking facility is that a customerneeds to have an account with a branch at any bank that is having online banking facility. The branch of the Bank should be Internet Banking enabled. The customer needs to register for Internet banking service with the branch. After receipt of both user-id and password from the bank which are all generated by the bank under strict security environment the customer has to logon to the website of the bank using the user-id and password given to them to access their account information. During the first login the customer would be required to go through a small process of initialization. The Net Banking Assistant at the website will guide them through the procedure for initialization. Once this is done and the customer has changed the password to his convenience he is free to access his account at his convenience 24x7 all through the year.

One of the main reasons that people decide to begin using Internet banking over regular banking is in reference to convenience. Everybody wants methods that are going to save them time and make daily tasks easier on them, and that is exactly what Internet banking does. Free online bill paying facility is offered by all banks. So rather than having to rush in to the bank at the end of a long work day to pay all bills, one can wait until later on in the evening, or whenever ismost convenient, and pay all bills from the comfort of one’s own home.

Even if the customer has to keep moving while on the job, he does not have to worry about finding a new bank, because as long as the customer has a computer and access to the Internet he will be able to continue using Internet banking services without any delay or constraint. The customer may only have to notify the bank of his change of address directly or over the computer. Many other services that the customer would typically have to pay for are free as well when he completes the details asked for online through Internet banking, and this is primarily due to the fact that by completing Internet banking services request form the customer is saving the bank from having to use bank tellers, or manpower, to do the work for him.

With online banking the customer is also often able to get much more detailed information than he could with his regular bank, and he can see all of his account activity immediately, rather than having a delay. For instance if he pays a bill online, he is able to check his account only moments after and see the transaction shown on his account history.

Even if has any questions or doubts about that particular transaction or anythingregarding it, there will typically be a link or means of finding more information on it. If the customer has several different accounts, separating between checking and savings, for instance, then he can transfer money from one account to another with just a click of mouse.

Standard Administration Features

Standard Security Features

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