Present Global Trends in Education Sector

Rapid and multiple changes in the Education sector appear to have demanded universities and colleges to alter the traditional methods and implement latest Technology for managing administrative tasks, office administration, registrations, enrolment process, paper-less data management, academics, research, and university affiliated community services , student based services and also to expand further into non-academic administrative tasks that put less time and resource obligations on administrative staff, faculty and students.

After a review on current and future trends facing in the education sector and discussions with faculty at various institutions, a possibility of usage of interactive technologies have emerged which can replace the manual intervention and also decrease the effort to manage various tasks with minimal manual intervention.

The implications of these new technologies showcase a new image of University or College administrators. The mission is to build a foundation for a vibrant and sustainable Cyber Infrastructure and that which can offer greater scalability to handle general communication between various departments across Colleges, Universities, other regulatory Authorities and Students.

Long-Term Development

To remain ahead of the technology curve, Universities, Academic Institutions have to partner with other International Educational organisations to benefit this overall mission. Not only do partnerships provide valuable knowledge sharing between Organisations and faculty, they also provide faculty and students with unique opportunities to influence the tomorrow’s technology on a broader scale.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Operational issues of Capacity to Scale
    Scalability is a major issue from an operational perspective as it needs to ensure that robust infrastructure is widely available to support the capacity to scale up for seamless connectivity and ensure modules are tightly integrated and secured for data transfer. Also up-times, security policy, volume of data, accessibility are some of the primary factors.

  • Adequate support for transition
    Transitioning from the traditional methods to new age interactive technologies, need to welcome the change and the convenience to access data from a centralised location and will benefit by short delays in the entire administrative tasks.

  • Availability to all users
    Access should be made available to all the stake holders in the ecosystem so that the system is used effectively and efficiently that will smoothen up the process across each level.

How do we value add?

We partner with leading Technology Platform/Product Companies to meet the precise needs of each client ensuring proper configuration among the stake holders.

Our solutions can;
  • Easily be deployed and integrated to your existing landscape.
  • Align to your SYSTEMS efficiently
  • Enable tight integration across channels to ensure that seamless Work-flow.

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