Business Process Management

M-FILES IS A BPM PLATFORM WITH BUILT-IN DMS & WORKFLOWS Management engine and can be used for building dynamic enterprise applications

M-Files BPM is an Gartner Magic Quadrant 2012-2013 Award winning Solution

The M-FILES Business Operations Platform is a next generation BPM solution in one single platform, which allows organizations to design, execute, monitor, change, and continuously optimize their critical business processes and operations. MFILES BPM supports all process patterns including human-to-human, system-to-system, and human-to-system interactions


Work lists are the containers for work items. Based on the workload in the work lists, more resources can be allocated or removed. All the members of the teams allocated to a work list have access to the work items in the work list. A work list is managed by a Work list Manager who is responsible for execution of the work in the work list M-FILES Inbox provides a detailed overview of the load in each work list, enabling drill down into the workload of individual teams and individual members within each team.

Responsibilities of the Work list Manager include:

  • Assigning and revoking work items from individual members
  • Allocation of teams to work lists
  • Controlling the order of execution of work items
  • Handling escalations

Work Management

M-FILES Inbox provides a single view of all the work available from all applications. A fully configurable Inbox provides details of the number of work items, the status of each item, and the member working on the item. It also provides the capability to pull work items, giving complete visibility of all business data.

For efficient work management, users can set reminders to proactively alert them of impending deadlines. This allows efficient tracking of all deadlines and ensures that all SLAs are met.

Custom Dispatching based on Skills

M-FILES BPMS supports multiple work assignment options. Any activity in a process or case can be assigned to the appropriate user, role, team, or worklist. In addition, for those cases where such static assignment does not suffice, it is possible to define custom dispatch algorithms that can work with other systems to source the information and dispatch the activity accordingly.

Controlled work scheduling

Sometimes, it is necessary to ensure that a task should NOT be worked on by a user that has already executed another activity within the same process or case instance. For example, if a user has created an invoice, he or she should not then be allowed to authorize the same invoice. The intention being that someone else should verify it. It is possible to configure behaviour within the M-FILES BPMS by modelling the activities in a ‘4 eyes’ relationship with each other.

On the converse side, there are some instances in which a task should be handled by a user who has already worked on another activity within the same process or case instance. For example, a doctor who has examined a patient should also be empowered to issue the correct prescription. It is possible to configure this behaviour within the M-FILES BPMS by modelling the activities in a ‘Rendezvous’ relationship with each other.

Business SLA management

For any business, it is imperative to work to clearly defined SLA. This sets proper expectations throughout the organization and ensures that obligations to customers, partners, and suppliers are all met within agreed timescales. But many organizations do not work 24X7 and the concept of business calendars define the workable days and times for an enterprise. Therefore, deadlines for activities are calculated based on these definitions. The business calendar functionality in the M-FILES BPMS supports the definition of working weeks and holidays as applicable.

The holiday information can be imported from any .ics formatted input source. Business calendars can be used for Diagram as shown below. Model organizations and escalations escalations based on the due dates.

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