RoboVidya - Education ERP

Designed and Created for Educational Institutions, RoboVidya is perfect for office administration purposes in Schools, Colleges and Universities.

This simple, effective, yet robustly designed web-based suite is perfect even for those users who have the least amount of technical expertise and has a very intuitive user interface.

Access privileges for work related files and documents in this suite are based on designation. This means, information is available to staff members as per their role in your organization ie. Critical information is dispensed on a 'Need to Know' basis.

The most basic functions in a school such as Individual Performance Tracking for students, Photos and ID cards, Fee receipts, etc can be configured into RoboVidya’s User Interface.

RoboVidya is an ideal choice for Schools, College establishments, Colleges offering specialized courses, etc. It’s high level of versatility and customizable modules make RoboVidya a tool that can fit right into the work structure of your educational institution.

Admission Module
  • Customisable admission flow
    • Admit first and collect fee later or
    • Collect fee and then admit
  • Course change option
  • Applicant details with photo
  • Admission and Course details
  • Family and Contact details
  • ID card printing with Barcode
  • Sibling details
  • Previous academic details
  • Other details like achievements, etc.
  • Auto generation of admission numbers with desired prefix or suffix

Fee Collection & Receipt Printing
  • Predefined Fee components and amounts for different courses
  • Auto population of right fee for the selected student
  • Multiple payment options like Cash, Cheque, DD or Challan
  • Auto receipt generation and printing on any printer
  • Family and Contact details
  • Duplicate receipt printing facility
  • Fee refund facility
  • Daily Fee Collection register (DFC)

  • Configurable Timetable for each subject and class with colour Coding
  • One-click attendance entry from the timetable by respective staff
  • Mark absence with optional comments
  • Enter marks to respective subjects navigating directly from the timetable
  • Filters for easy viewing and report generation
  • Export to Excel or PDF

Exam Module
  • Double evaluation and double marks entry
  • Result declaration
  • Grade card and marks card printing
  • University submission report
  • Handling of Re-Totalling, Revaluation and Challenge Revaluations
  • Exam closure
  • Exam creation
  • Exam time table creation
  • Exam room creation and settings like Room capacity etc
  • Exam seat allotment – room wise, subject wise
  • Generation of B form and A form
  • Exam attendance

Accounts Module
  • Customisable reports
  • Receipts and Payments handling
  • Day book & Trial balance
  • Year-end closing feature
  • Income and Expenditure report
  • Profit and Loss statement
  • Group, Sub-Group and Ledger creation
  • Receipts and Voucher generation
  • Easy-to-use templates for re-use
  • Authentication and verification features
  • Cheque reconciliation feature
  • Record freezing options for auditors
  • Flexible receipt sequence configuration and selection

Payroll Module
  • Creation of pay scales and grades
  • Creation of paymaster for each employee
  • Creation of earning and deduction components
  • Handling of PF, Professional Tax and LWF if any
  • Handling of employee loans
  • Setting relations with the basic pay or other components
  • Income tax calculation if any based on the earnings and savings details
  • Pay slip generation
  • Bank statement generation
  • Reports such as PF report professional tax report, Income tax deduction report etc as applicable

Library Module
  • Book database with cover page images
  • Auto book ID generation with Barcode
  • Easy addition of copies of books
  • Periodicals and Journals management
  • Subscription management
  • Simple and quick book issues and returns through barcode system
  • Tracking of book requests, issued books and return statuses
  • Reports based on the book categories, authors, publications, subjects and classes
  • Issue reports
  • Due reports
  • Cost reports
  • Stock reports
  • Student and Staff login
  • Queuing of issued books for future issue
  • Search based on category, name, subject, author, publication, class, etc.

Communication & Web Module
  • Compose letters
  • Mail merge printing
  • Report of past communications with recipients
  • Envelope printing
  • E-mail sending in bulk
  • SMS sending in bulk
  • Announcements
  • Filtered selection of recipients
  • Secured Student login with username and password
  • Access to individual data like attendance, marks and fee reports
  • Online publishing of exam schedules, results and announcements

Staff Management Module
  • Staff details
  • Teaching, non-teaching and support staff classification
  • Personal and professional details
  • Staff ID card printing with Photo
  • Domain expertise and experience
  • Past professional history of staff
  • Staff qualification details and updates
  • Staff logins
  • Online Leave management
  • Reports

Hostel & Mess Module
  • Integration with student database
  • Facility allocation
  • Room allocation
  • Mess subscription
  • Attendance record
  • Conduct record
  • Visitor handling
  • Fee configuration
  • Mess costing and bill
  • Reports on room occupants details
  • Income-Expenditure report as a cost center
  • Visitor reports
  • Guest reports
  • Due reports

Transportation Module
  • Integration to student database
  • Auto integration with accounts module as a cost center
  • Vehicle and staff management
  • Route definition
  • Pickup point definition with distance
  • Allocation of routes to vehicles
  • Allocation of students to vehicles
  • Cost calculation – per km, pickup points
  • Fee calculation based on the pickup points
  • Income and expenditure reports

Lesson Management Module
  • Syllabus creation for each subject
  • Units and topics creation
  • Identification of available sessions for subjects/staff
  • Allocation of topics to sessions and lesson planning
  • Updating of completed percentage of planned topics in a session
  • Comparison report of planned v/s actual
  • Analysis of completion status based on the staff, subject and class
  • Graphical representations of analysis

Customisable Reports
  • Admission report
  • Term fee report
  • Exam fee report
  • Fee due report
  • Attendance report
  • Marks report
  • Student list
  • Staff list
  • Timetable report
  • Exam timetable report
  • Promotion list
  • Cumulative record
  • Customizable reports with combination filters
  • Column customisation
  • Sorting on desired parameter
  • Export to Excel and PDF

  • Academic year wise
  • Course wise
  • Combination wise
  • Section wise
  • Group wise
  • Gender wise
  • Religion wise
  • Caste wise
  • Tables
  • Graphs

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