Insight: Eliminate the Guesswork in Customer Feedback

The Insight suite of customer intelligence platform provides a dynamic set of real-time tools for gathering, tracking and analysing customer responses.

More than ever before, organizations need to gain greater insight into their customers mind. Questions that help management understand customer sentiments and take proactive steps to improve the overall business experience.

Insight is Intellvisions actionable intelligence tool for measuring customer satisfaction. It helps improve the customer experience by enabling them to instantly respond to your service initiatives.

Creating exceptional customer experiences is vital for growing any business. Every employee, sales outlet, product and service portfolio is an experience creator and impacts the customer experience. Monitoring and enhancing the customer experience is thus a continuous process. Insight provides tools that are precise, reliable and dynamic providing greater visibility to the customers' mind.

From understanding your customer to anticipating their needs, Insight can engage your customer at every touch point.

Whether you have 10 locations or 10,000, Insight helps you make each unit more profitable and efficient. Through continuous, real-time customer feedback, you will be better positioned to provide the right solutions, differentiate your services, benchmark your performance and prioritize pressing issues, spot emerging trends and more.


Know how effective your queue management is with accurate customer feedback systems.

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Sales conversion
  • Customer defection
  • Lost sales
  • Products
  • Services
  • Processes & operations
  • Retail environment and infrastructure
  • Staff interactions

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