• To automate the admission approval process in the university.
  • To avoid hard copy based system and to introduce electronic digital online system.
  • Improve the efficiency of the academic section and exam sections.
  • Reduce the overall time taken for the whole process of admission approval from somewhere 5 months to 15-30 days.
  • Avoid any delay in the examination process due to data unavailability and incorrect data.
  • Supply complete, verified, error free data to the university’s Academic and Exam sections.
  • Provide one single online portal for communication between the university and all of its affiliated colleges.
  • Centralized data storage and quick availability of any kind of data and statistics to the administration use such as RTI requirements, queries from Govt. etc.

  • Online admission approval from all affiliated colleges of the University – eliminating the need of manual hard copy based approval process.
  • Data entry happens at each college level with multiple level of verifications both at college level and then at the University level – avoids errors and provides accurate and complete data of a student.
  • Intake control for all courses of all colleges – no over admission.
  • Document, Photo and Signature upload facility – complete digital file is maintained at the University.
  • All student data from all colleges gets assembled in the university server and can be retained for years.
  • Automatic University Registration/Seat Number [USN] generation based on the policy.
  • Role based access and level based approval process with appropriate status changes at each level.
  • Ready communication on the approval status of each student to all respective colleges – avoids manual communication need.
  • Announcement of major event dates such as last date of admission last date for document upload etc.
  • Various reports like admission report, approval report, category wise report, course wise report, Performa-E and group wise statistics across the university and by each college.
  • Work allocation at University case worker level.
  • Hassle free Intra and inter university student transfer handling.
  • Report on fee due/collected from each college based on the university prescribed fee structure like university fee, late admission fee etc.
  • Different admission portals for PG, UG and Bed streams.
  • Statutory report generation based on the need using combination of filters with export to Excel and PDF features.
  • IA marks collection from all colleges.
  • Attendance collection from all colleges.
  • USN communication to all respective colleges.

  • The portal can be extended to handle general communication between the University and its affiliated Colleges.
  • SMS and email integration to communicate with all stakeholders.
  • Online Hall Ticket download facility can provided with student Photo and signature.

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