C3 (Carry Cash in Card), is a Closed User Group Campus Card, which allows students carry cash on their Student ID cards to use within college campus – for payment of fees, to use in Library and to use in Canteens . And the college authorities making it easier for them in paying/collecting fees and availing of a bouquet of services in the Campus. Cards can be recharged in Cash, Cheque or NEFT from any Bank in India through transfer.

Present Scenario

  1. Long Queues during Admissions and Exam Fees payment.
  2. Multiple Challans to fill up.
  3. Parents carry large amount of cash.
  4. Bank Interest lost on cheques by Colleges /Schools.
  5. Opening many counters for collecting fees not an option.

C3 can, besides being used for collection of fees by college, be used for enforcing access control for the students though the mechanism of installing card readers, wherever necessary. With the preloaded value in cards and Point of Sale devices at vantage points, students can swipe cards to make purchases and avail of every day services from selected partners. It removes the botheration of carrying cash or introduce elaborate mechanism to avail of simple facilities like canteen or library by students. Attendance can be monitored while queue can be avoided at College office and at bank counters.

C3 Cards are closed loop cards operable within a campus connected to the Bank’s Server and POS terminals at vantage locations within the campus LAN.

C3 Cards are embedded with Chips for storing Students’ biometric information, Signature for biometric au-thentication for access control and availing of ser- vices like Canteen and Library fee pay- ments etc.

C3 Cards can be loaded with Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer like NEFT or RTGS as they are linked to the accounts of the students maintained at the Bank’s branch. Values can be uploaded through a file also.
The individual smart cards are debited and the respective College accounts are credited for the value of the transaction.

C3 provides the College authorities with the Card Management Software which can be used for user man-agement, balance load- ing, accounting, reports and MIS.

A detailed access log, management log and individual statement of accounts would be provided by the soft-ware.
It can also be used a smart identity Card providing multiplicity of services.


  • No need to carry wads of currency notes - Simple Plastic does magic.
  • No worry of loss or theft as it cannot be used by any one as it is biometric enabled. Avoid long queues to pay tuition fees, canteen bills, hostel fees, library fees etc in the college office.
  • Highly Secure - Card can be used only by student.
  • Above all - No hassle of maintaining a Bank Account.


  • No worries on giving cash to their children.
  • Easy top up - by Cash, Cheque or Bank transfer from any where in India. Ability to monitor expenses incurred by their children online.
  • Ability to put limits in the spending of funds by children.


  • No long queues at the counters.
  • One Card - Multiple use - Student id, Attendance monitoring and Access control system.
  • Reduce operational expenses as the need for handling cash is reduced.
  • Ability to provide secure cashless transactions to students across their entire campus. Enhance the college reputation.
  • Daily reconciliation of all transactions and receive funds the same day or the next day. ROI in the 6th month itself.


  • One more product to the banks’ bouquet of consumer products and “sure” revenue earner. No long queues in front of cash counters.
  • Increases operational efficiency and reduces operational expenses as the need for handling cash is reduced.
  • Assured “Float” for the banks as C3 is a prepaid card.
  • It is a highly secured way of handling voluminous low value transactions.
  • No hassle of maintaining accounts of students which are very temporary in nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How secure is the information stored on the card?
The data stored in the card is encrypted and cannot be read by any un-authorized user. The POS device is specially configured to read this information securely.

2. What if the card is stolen or lost, can the information stored or the value stored in the card misused?
If the card is stolen, no one can read the information is secured by using encryption technology and also the card cannot be misused as it needs additional biometric or PIN authentication to be used.

3. Can this card be used by the student outside of the college?
This card cannot be used outside the campus. The POS machines inside the college campus are the only devices that are able to read the data in the card and able to process the transaction.

4. Can the card be used by any other person in the college campus?
No student can use any other student’s card as the card transactions work only with biometric or PIN authentication.

5. If a duplicate card is issued, then what happens to the amount in the original card?
Even if a duplicate card is issued, the amount on the original card will not be lost. All the infor- mation is kept on the server, so the moment the card is reported as lost, the card is disabled in the system and a new card with all the student information and the available balance updated in the new card.

6. In case the original card is found by another person, can it be misused?
The card cannot be misused as it needs additional biometric or PIN authentication. Before a student is issued a duplicate card, the existing card is blocked first. If any user is issued a dupli- cate card before the existing card is blocked, the application will give warning ‘Can’t be issued another card, as the student has a valid active card.

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