IServe - Self Service Kiosks

We partner with Intellvisions to offer the most comprehensive range of self-service solutions which includes Cash deposit automation systems, Single and bunched note mechanisms, Cheque deposit automation and Self-service dispensing systems.

The kiosk range included Bill Bill Payment Kiosks (Cash, Card & Cheque), Information Kiosks, Check in/out Kiosks etc.

Our OEM implemented State of the art Kiosk Solutions at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Credimax (Bahrain), Qualitynet (Kuwait), Fame Adlabs, ICICI Bank and various Public Sector, Private and foreign banks in India

With the help of our OEM we establish a complete KIOSK ECOSYSTEM combining the diversity of skills that spans Product Design, Industrial Engineering, Software Development and above all the experience acquired over the years to handle the significant technical, environmental and human factors that will govern the success of this project. Our portfolio of services includes a comprehensive repertoire of modules including best-of-breed hard-ware, kiosk software such as our patented Kiosk Browser, Centralized Diagnostic Tools and a Wide Service Sup-port Network to fabricate the desired solution for our customers. This results in minimum re-work and faster roll outs.

'Integrated Self Service Architecture'

Intellvisions 'Integrated Self Service Architecture' ISSA is the most comprehensive platform to rapidly deploy a self ser-vice solution across a wide range of industries like Banking, Education, Telecom or Retail.

ISSA comprises a series of plug in modules and an array of customisable modules that help customers to market faster with stable, secure and feature-rich self-service applications that are easy to use and support your business objectives.

High Level Architecture

Key ISSA Components
  1. Intellvisions Secure Browser:
    1. a. Disables direct access to the OS and blocks system critical key strokes.
    2. b. Access restriction are OS Password protected.
    3. c. Restricted to defined URLs and Html pages.
  2. Device Point:
    1. d. Monitoring & Diagnostic Tool – Deploy, Manager and monitor Kiosk across network.
  3. Experia (Layout & Media Manager):
    1. e. Centralised Multi Media Kiosk UI Publication tool
  4. Smart Device Handling
  5. Transaction Manager:
    1. f. Redirects all Transactions from the Kiosk to appropriate backend servers encapsulates the message through a relevant method.

  • A common, unified and unique communication interface with the involved backend systems that can be easily maintained and updated
  • Access to all backend systems through a widely adopted open standard (Web Services) that all enterprise application vendors support and recommend
  • Reusability of the interface by other applications
  • Logical separation of backend system functionality and integration interface
  • Ability to replace backend systems with minimum impact to integrated platforms

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