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Present Global Trends in Entertainment & Media

Entertainment and Media Business hubs operate in dexterity in this constantly evolving digital world ecosystem and consumer’s access to the content and experiences is seamless and is available globally by expanding the access to internet and explosive growth in innovative technologies that provide rich experience and content. The growth of smart devices in the recent years had made it possible to access data anytime, anywhere while connecting to customers at its core.

To achieve this customer engagement, understating their needs and to improve customer engagements, every company in E&M had to invest in R&D to innovate new interactive technologies that include its products and services. Connected consumers have always been driving these E&M companies to apply innovation and agility in order to understand and meet their needs.

The pace at which the technology innovation is moving in the E&M sector is significant and is gaining prominence with the evolution of new technologies like multi-platform analytics that offer INTERACTIVE DATA ANALYTICS technology platforms that can be easily integrated to the existing landscape, which help advertisers to look for insights into the connected consumer’s behavior, expectations and buying intentions.

It is these technologies that enable advertisers to identify new patterns and relationships across multiple dimensions of data both structured and unstructured and by combining human insights and intuition with visualization enabled platforms, companies can now answer questions, they have never answered before.

The biggest challenges will however lie in collecting and extracting the small data the kind that leads to true understanding of consumers’ future behavior and striking the right balance between consumer’s desire for relevance and their emotions.
Many advertisers across E&M companies still rely on modes of customer interaction that fail to understand the customer’s intentions. Also the content writers will have to innovate both in their products and services and new ways to deliver them so as to make it relevant to the connected customers.

Challenges & Opportunities

Customer Interactions
Many advertisers across E&M businesses still fail to understand customer interactions which are quite unsatisfying. Globally, the E&M businesses are advancing to bring in new technologies so stay connected with the customers and also to ensure that there is a meaningful delivery of content across these interactive channels.

New Technologies:
Innovation is the key to sustain in this fast paced digital market and advertisers need to ensure that they grab the first mover advantage and the technology need to deliver rich content with meaningful insights to cover customer intentions and emotions which will help them to gain a substantial market share also promising benefits to its customers.

Customer desire to new technologies:

Customers will stay with E&M advertisers who can easily connect to them and hence even customers are adapting to these innovative interactive technologies that support to their existing landscape with easy integration to existing electronic channels of delivery which offer lower in cost and provide greater convenience.

Customers demand rich content, technologies which will capture their emotions, and they are highly value conscious and are increasingly willing to adopt newer technologies.

How do we value add?

We partner with leading advertisers media vendor services which help us to be your leading services provider of Entertainment & Media business SPOC, with solutions to meet the precise needs of each client ensuring proper configuration of user and media content generation and filtering.

Our solutions can,
  • » Easily be deployed and integrated to your existing landscape
  • » Align to your existing media channels efficiently
  • » Integration of multi channel analytics support to understand customer behavior, needs and capture emotions to generate right insights.
  • » Enable tight integration across channels to ensure that seamless dataflow.
  • » We will help you to leverage your presence with smart devices for content distribution
  • » Access data anytime, anywhere through our cloud based services
  • » We offer solutions end-to-end that are carefully developed and assist with fit gap analysis
  • » We will help you to discover next generation innovative media formats for delivery.

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