“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you are what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

SOMAYAJI Creatives is the creative business arm of the Group and stitches itself within the Group's subsidiaries using artistic strategies in today's dynamic business temperament. The Group's founders have a rich background in literature, performing arts and film making and their work has been well appreciated within the artistic community.

Strategic Marketing, Consulting and Branding requirements of the Group companies is catered to by this arm of the Group. By providing such distinguishing business approaches, this subsidiary clearly creates a special niche for itself within its other Group counterparts.

The Company believes that it takes more than a black and white strategy to build a business and certainly agree that the wonderful world of Colour is enhanced by its creative thought process. A clear thought projected creates a clear path of leadership and this what is required for any business to flourish in today's competitive business environment.

We are here to build a beautiful user experience for our clients in the right kind of conceptual framework, promotions and specific and measurable results.

We are currently focusing on the Banking sector and would cover the entire gamut of industry verticals in the future.


CORPORATE EVENT MANAGEMENT: We at the SOMAYAJI Group would like to term event management as "Strategic Management" as we do not treat the coming together of men, materials and money as a simple event, but as a very efficiently planned and executed program achieving its objective and mission. We cherry pick our events as we believe in showcasing what our client's key focus is for holding that event. Our key partnerships facilitate us in delivering value added services to our clients across the globe. Through some of our very tailored events, we also promote talent in the many forms of art present in today's cultural web.

CORPORATE FILMS: “Having built a strong team with creative and talented minds from the Industry, we believe in creating magic with Corporate Films for the Banking Sector. Using strategic brand communication, we highlight the robust strengths of our clients enabling them to project the right image. We plan to diversify in the future spanning all other industry verticals.


Right communication is the essence of any creative approach. We strive in supporting our clients with a comprehensive tailor-made solution based on the understanding of their business, their valuable inputs and requirements. Our clients are provided with a hand-picked solution researched by the team of advisors and only then shared and executed for the client. This effort is made to ensure the solution provided is the best in class thereby re-defining the term Corporate Event Management and Corporate Film Making.



“Dreams are meant to be real,” “A name that lives for generations.” “Let’s build relations that stand the test of time,” “Satisfaction is the journey, not the destination end” “A new game awaits us cause we have a new world to build.” “Incarnate the future, join hands with SOMAYAJI !”
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‘Your friend since 1907’ – A film by SOMAYAJI Creatives

‘Your friend since 1907’ – A film by SOMAYAJI Creatives for Bangalore City Co-operative Bank.
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Incarnate the future

SOMAYAJI Creatives, the Creative arm of SOMAYAJI Group made its first film “Incarnate the future” for the group.
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