Who We Are?

SOMAYAJI Foundation is the charitable wing of the SOMAYAJI Group of Companies. The Foundation directs its aid towards health and education of the under served communities in order to bring in a hope filled change in their lives.Health and education facilitate the growth of children into healthy, dignified and responsible citizens who then become the foundation of a strong and self-reliant society. We at SOMAYAJI Foundation believe in true consideration for the maltreated children and are focused towards building hope,courage and strength and most importantly provide a joyful experience for them.

The founders’ ancestry have been in the practice of donating a significant part of their income for decades and do believe in contributing to the society making it sustainable and enhancing the quality of life. SOMAYAJI Foundation continues this legacy in a corporate and structured manner.

What We Do?

  • Education for poor: Education is the key to all success. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “An Investment in Education Pays You Best Interest”. At SOMAYAJI Foundation, our grass-root initiative is to sponsor education to the underprivileged and deprived as we believe that educational assistance can cure poverty and crime. Currently our focus is only on sponsoring primary and higher education. With our future expansion, we have laid a road map on working in extended areas of education like providing skill training through volunteers, funding government schools, funding for books and other educational materials, and opening charitable schools for the underprivileged.

  • Healthcare for destitute: “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. SOMAYAJI Foundation comprehends the veracity hidden in this famous adage and sponsors health related facilities to the medically under served populace.We intend to expand our charitable operations with the expansion of SOMAYAJI Group. Our immediate future plan will target many prevailing causes like hunger relief, women’s empowerment, environment and rural development programs.

How We Work?

SOMAYAJI Foundation receives request for grant from various channels like Private agencies, Social workers, Schools, Healthcare centers, and distressed families. Our panel selects children who need support and funding, and then commissions the grant.

The philanthropic model has been built around receiving income from the commercial verticals of the SOMAYAJI Group, upon future earnings of profits, the verticals will become self sufficient to fund the SOMAYAJI Foundation. Currently,the founders contribute towards the grant from their personal income thus continuing the foundation's core mission.Apart from arranging fund and internal and external support, our founders also devote their personal time in mingling with the children and running of the Foundation whenever possible.