Who We Are?

SOMAYAJI Ventures is the Strategic, Consulting and Investment arm of the Group.The cynosure of the SOMAYAJI Group is the Ventures arm and its prime focus is in the sphere of Realty, a 'Real business' of acquiring property, ATM Site development and e-Lobbies.

A blue print towards Funding, Mergers & Acquisitions of Small and Medium Sized Companies and White label products is being put together under the SEBI regulations and guidelines. The thought was to be able to nurture companies with both Intellectual and Financial Capital.

Whats New
The Promoters plan to soon register SOMAYAJI Ventures as the Holding company for the SOMAYAJI Group making this arm as its incubator for germination of new business ideas and building successful leadership for Group’s internal and external clientele.

How do we do?

The primary method of working for SOMAYAJI VENTURES comes from the fact that the Company believe in working within its multi talented and skilled teams. SOMAYAJI VENTURES identifies and scopes out the challenges that will bring a remarkable change to its clientele. All of the above is done by an able group of advisors, where the Company carefully pick out prospective clients and help them advance in the new path of leadership and success.

Our Offerings

  • The ecology of our Realty business is diversified into very niche segments of today's customer requirements:

    a) ATM Site Implementation Services: ATM Site Implementation Services (ASIS) include Site Identification, Planning, Preparation, Construction, Delivery and Maintenance of the Sites. The company provides innovative and cost effective solutions in designing and constructing quality ATM and Kiosks sites.

    SOMAYAJI Ventures provide clients with both Conventional and Unconventional methods of Site construction. The unconventional, or modular, construction reduces the time of implementation manifold by assembling the factory-produced, pre-engineered units as large volumetric components.

    The Images above belong to the OEM M/S ModuliSPACE Australia.

    b) Building e-Lobbies : Having associated with the Banking industry for the last 20 years, the Founders have brought with them the expertise of synchronizing technology along with customer delight in a new offering to the Banking Industry termed as e-Lobbies. e-Lobbies are one stop shops that provide Banking services to customers on 24 X 7 basis and if defined, a lobby is where there are multiple touch points like ATMs, Kiosks, NetBanking, Cheque deposit terminals, Cash deposit terminals and the like., are available for round the clock service for the customers. Either these facilities are provided for a single bank customers or multiple bank customers which are connected to a common network.

    c) Acquiring, Building and Development of Properties : ::: This is a multifaceted business which spans over Acquiring, Building and Developing Properties for its Group companies and external clientele. The age old family run business of realty has been made professional with seasoned teams who come with the qualification and skills from disciplines like Construction, Funding, Architecture, Law and Accounting.
  • a) Identifying, Acquiring, Nurturing and Building capabilities is what the Company’s M&A team offers to Small and Medium Sized Companies specialised in developing Products and Services catering to Banking and Insurance sectors.

    b) White Label Products : Our consulting and strategic boutique specializing in acquiring and projecting many s/w product companies who lack the skill, financial backing and know-how in building Client relationships and Business Development. SOMAYAJI Ventures acquire such products and market under its brand name to enable many such companies to partner with and get Business support through our established network for a win-win situation.

    Our future vision for this division is to grow the network into building an emporia of like minded businesses in SOMAYAJI Creatives, Realty and other domains of interest.
  • SOMAYAJI Ventures is in its early stage of constructing a blue print under the SEBI regulations and framework for funding small and medium companies in the Technology domain.